Transforming Lives Together

CMI exists for the purpose of equipping the body of Christ to transforming lives.

An Evangelical Organization Transforming The Lives of Nations One Community At a Time


CMI exists for the purpose of equipping the body of Christ to transforming lives of nations (ethnic groups or where people cluster) through partnering with one community at a time.


CMI identifies local “Impact Makers” in the community through relationships based upon communities’ needs and assets they develop long-term solutions.


Empowering the materially poor to lift themselves out of poverty. 1.5 million displaced after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. The tent village of Canaan Haiti about 10000 people heavily in debt to renting claimed government land and became homeowners. Started a church with help of CMI and school the same year. Because Haiti’s educational system performs very poorly with a low literacy rate of 52.9%.

Medical Missions

Indigenous Leadership

Empowering indigenous local pastors and leaders in the community we work.

Community Assets

National Partners will identify assets and gifts in their community, as well as the community's greatest needs, both physical and spiritual.

Development Plan

After assessing a community's needs, the local partners prioritize the areas of development they believe need the most attention and make an action plan.

Strategic Partnership

Strategic Service Partnership - Partnering with other NGOs, Parachurches, and charities to integrate with CMI and create holistic community-initiated development to address the many areas within the community we serve.

Purpose of our Health Clinics are to facilitate empowerment so that communities can be able to solve most of their own problems. Individuals, families and communities with the right level of support can take ownership and work together to transform their surrounding conditions in a sustainable way. CMI Health Village Program promotes physical, emotional, economic, social, environmental and spiritual well-being.

Goal: Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene, sanitation
and infrastructure support

  • Increase access to safe shelter
  • Increase availability of and access to safe water
  • Increase access to basic sanitation at both household
    and community levels
  • Facilitating a medical process that is people-centered, resident-driven, asset-based, locally focused, bottom up or grassroots orientation.

Goal: Community Medical Initiative

  • Develop a yearlong strategy for supporting the medical needs of 1000 more individual
  • Providing medicine, medical equipment, supplies, training and support for community healthcare workers in rural communities that have limited access to health care.

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