Director(s) Anthony Hickman and Raymond Cottrell visit to 1st Synagogue in the Americas, Day at Kahul Synagogue in Recife Brazil

Kahal Zur Synagogue

Hello CMI Family,

I had the pleasure in 2017 to Visit Recife Brazil a coastal town and minister to some of CMI Brazilian Partner Churches. While there Pastor Lira escorted me and Pastor Ray Cottrell down to Old Recife where we had the pleasure of visiting the Kahal Zur Synagogue the first in the Americas. During this COVID 19 everyone is stuck in the house so I hope these pictures will help you escapeto an easier time of just touring and letting your imagination run wild!

Details from wikipidia:
Kahal Zur Israel was a Jewish synagogue located at Rua do Bom Jesus (Rua dos Judeus) number 197 in Recife, Brazil. … The building isnow a museum, including a Torah and bema as well as archeological excavations displaying various parts of the original synagogue, suchas the mikveh.

Anthony D. Hickman
CMI President

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