Preparing for Mission Trip – Backpacks for Haiti

Since 2017 Tracy Wiley Christian Mercy International, INC Education chair, her two daughters, Mother Queen and friends raise money to buy backpacks and supplies for our 80 plus students in Canaan Haiti (Port Au Prince Village). These backpacks were filled with notebooks, pencils, crayons, rulers, scissors, erasers, pens, composition books, glue sticks, index cards, files, pencil sharpeners, and constructions paper. CMI mission is to ensure that all children in Haiti that attend schools we support receive a quality education. $35 per month is all it cost to provide a hot meal for our scholars and provide teachers with resources, curriculum, and methods they need to improve the standard of education in their classrooms. The average Haitian lives of $2 per day, so many Haitian parents can’t afford the registration which is a small fee of $10 HA/ students, which equals $1.50 US. That’s why donations like these backpacks every year removes undo added pressure for Haitian parents. Once a child receives a sponsor, Wow the jubilee is precious!

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